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Do you really think your man is fine with everything about you?

The British sexologist lists what scares or repels in women their male partners.

According to the expert, men (quite rightly) assume that there is a long list of what they are doing wrong in bed with women. Mostly because a woman’s sexuality is more complex. But this, one can say, medical fact does not mean that a woman also does not make typical mistakes during sex. Here are a few things women often do that can lead to a decrease in the quality of relationships or a complete cooling of a man towards you.

Offer to watch xvideos new, and then condemn him for his reaction to what is happening.

Most men watch porn regularly. And most women know about it. A lot of women think, “Okay, I’ll take it; I won’t laugh at him, and generally suggest watching porn together.” What women usually don’t expect is that they will be relegated to the background while watching porn. Most men will not take their eyes off the screen, and people from there will likely become the main participants in your intimacy, even if it happens.

And that’s not all … Some women feel flawed while watching xvideos Japanese together. “We never did anything like this together. He obviously never received anything like this from me, they think after watching porn with a man. “Perhaps he wants something like that or hints that I’m not free enough in sex, and all this scares me.”

Actually, porn is not an insult, not an appeal, and not a hint (in any case, in the vast majority of situations). Don’t take it personally, especially if your partner ignores you while watching. This is a habit, not an attitude towards you.

To make noise, especially when others can hear.

Moans never hurt but screaming as if they are trying to strangle you with a pillow scares men. Not to mention embarrassment. And in the sum, embarrassment and fear can completely cool the ardor. You probably think that he likes too noisy sex because this is a kind of indicator of his strength and attractiveness? No, most likely, at this moment, he is afraid of the prospect of confronting his neighbors, parents and explaining to them what it was.

In addition, exaggerated moans or passionate, loud noises when you first started kissing assure him of one thing: with almost 100 percent chances, you are imitating passion, and your orgasm will be fake.

Lean back and watch blankly.

Lying like a dead starfish, rolling your eyes, is not the best strategy in bed. Some women believe that this is what the embodiment of the expression “I completely surrendered to him” looks like. But leaning back and thinking about your difficult fate is not just boring; it looks like patronizing behavior. The woman seems to say that just letting him have sex with her is enough to satisfy him. Ladies, this is not so.

Try to try something new without discussing it in advance.

Sexual innovations are great and useful, but it’s better to warn about them. And then I am here somehow alone, how will charge on … It doesn’t matter … In general, most of us know what things fall into this category, so let’s pretend not. To impose (and it looks that way) without warning sexual innovations, this looks like disrespect and ignoring the partner’s views.

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