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There is a misconception that women don’t like porn. But still, they watch it. So, let’s figure out why women watch adult movies.

Reason one: secret sexual fantasies

Yes, yes, we also have them, and, unlike men, we have a colorful storyline with exciting moments and vivid details. Porn for women is the best way to explore these secret sexual desires in oneself very carefully, without resorting to the help of reality, but by observing similar experiences from others (and at the same time, complete strangers).

Reason two: because HE watches it!

It is almost the main reason why women, even in hectic schedules, still find time to watch sex videos xvideos. After all, porn is watched by their man (boyfriend, lover, husband), which means that you need to be aware of ​​what interests him. Particularly sophisticated female detectives review exactly those stories and recordings that their missus loves, and look for the very image of the ideal beauty in them that excites him with enviable regularity. And in vain: unlike women, men in their fantasies always imagine some hypothetical woman – not their wife and not a porn star – and do not need to be attached to a real figure to get an excellent orgasm.

Reason Three: The Study of Men

Porn can be perceived as a whole parade of naked men with different physical characteristics and different sex techniques. And even if you have had a regular partner for ten years and you have already memorized all his sexual mechanisms, you do not care, as a child in a biology lesson, it will be interesting to know how (or it would be better to say, how else) men do it. Or as dark-skinned and Asian men do it, alone, with other men or groups. In general, this reason can be called the most innocent because it is all about our curiosity. It’s almost like watching fish in an aquarium, you just need to make sure that the fish don’t make too many loud sounds …

Reason Four: Sexual Experience

You could guess this reason right away, and it is really very logical: porn works like the same aerobics from Cindy Crawford – it teaches us new movements. After all, where else to get this information? The girlfriends are too secretive, nothing is clear in the books in the pictures, but in xname xname xvideos, everything is clear and visual. And most importantly, with the help of ratings and comments on porn videos (which, of course, only men leave), you can find out which techniques are more arousing, and take note of all this. By the way, did you know that porn is very helpful when your boyfriend has a birthday, and you still haven’t bought a present ?!

In fact, porn is the path to gender equality. If you find the courage to declare that you are watching porn, it means that you are not afraid to be independent, temperamental, and passionate, and do not hide from anyone that you love sex.

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