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Women watch porn too! And that is a fact. Everyone understands why men like to watch strawberries, and why women like to watch porn, we understand the reasons.

Why do women watch porn

A woman is a human, isn’t she? She is also interested in watching porn, those ancient times when women were prohibited from everything, and thanks to various sexual revolutions, finally, legal justice and a woman in the right, and moral and psychological, to feel on a par with the male sex have triumphed.

Today we will not touch on the question of why men watch porn, I have already written on these topics twice, which you can get acquainted with at the end of the article, but let’s talk about female reasons and reasons for watching mom xvideos, and so: Why do women watch porn?

Satisfy your curiosity

Many women, thanks to their strict upbringing, in which sexual relations were considered vulgar, dirty, and forbidden, had never seen a male member live before they got married! And when they got married they saw only a member of the husband, but there was nothing to compare with, so they used what they had, thinking that everyone had such, there’s nothing to sort out!

Now, thanks to the Internet, video production, and even public television, one can very easily enlighten on any issue of sex, find out in more detail about the male member, and its “functionality”. Hence, women watch porn to satisfy their curiosity.

Learn a couple of new sexual techniques.

Marital sex in a couple of years becomes very boring if not diversified. In this regard, most men do not strain too much, two or three memorized positions for sex, bringing him and his partner to orgasm, they think quite enough, for normal sex life.

But women are emotional people, they need feelings, attention, variety, emotions! And what emotions are there, when the evening subsided, the husband corny climbed on top, finished his own as expected, turned to the wall and fell asleep, romantic! So, the women are looking out for something new, unusual in the xvideos hindi, to tickle themselves and their partner’s nerves.

Compare yourself with others

Women love to compare, criticize, and try on different situations for themselves. Have you ever watched pornography with a woman? Look, it can turn out to be a very funny thing, you can hear enough of this about the actresses from the video, and that she is badly made up, and her armpits are overgrown, and a pimple on her ass, in general, all those details that a man never pays attention to!

Sexual relations and porn

Not anyone has yet become a pervert from watching pornography, but it even helped a lot in life and saved them from rash acts. Try watching porn with your husband; it can stimulate your quiet sex life, play a movie where there is a scene you would like to try, tell your husband about it, and see his reaction.

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